Succession season 4 episode 4 spoilers: What is Gerri’s future?

Succession season 4

In the wake of Logan Roy’s death, Gerri is definitely in a fascinating place as we move into Succession season 4 episode 4. After all, how do you even describe it?

Suffice it to say, things are pretty darn complicated. While Roman informed her that she was going to be fired by his father, nothing was finalized. Now, she’s in this strange, precarious position. In theory, she is more qualified to lead Waystar Royco than almost anyone when you consider her experience. Meanwhile, none of Logan’s children are directly involved enough to run in and take the reigns. That leaves everyone in this strange, super-complicated sort of limbo that will be fun to watch play out over time.

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Gerri does have some things that she can use now in the event she is threatened. More than likely, she’s saved every record possible of Roman’s harassment towards her, and that could come out down the road. She also is highly motivated, given that both he and Logan both have not treated her in a way in which she feels she deserves.

Speaking to TV Insider, here is some of what J. Smith-Cameron had to say about how her character’s story is set to move forward:

“[Gerri is] in a little bit of a free fall this season. It’ll be interesting to see how she manages that … She feels a little unsentimental about how roughed up she’s felt by both Logan and Roman. And so she’s a little colder than usual.”

Given that Gerri was never some beacon of enthusiasm and sunshine, we are super-curious to see not only what this means in the end, but what comes out of it. We’re 100% excited for the future, but also nervous for whatever it could bring.

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