ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 2 spoilers: Who will you be talking about after tonight?

ScandalYou’ve waiting for weeks for “Scandal” to return, and tonight officially kicks off the first of several consecutive new episodes leading up to the May 16 finale. Just in case this was not enough of a reason for you to start rocking back and forth with excitement, know that someone is about to surprise you more than they ever have before.

The person that we are talking about this time around is not Olivia Pope, and nor is it, Fitz, Huck, Quinn, or the national man of mystery known as Jake. E! News reports that the person that you are really going to be stunned about following this episode is none other than Mellie, who will make the biggest move that she has yet within the past two seasons. Intrigued yet? We hope so. This is clearly a woman that has shown an interest in acquiring power and preserving it, and we are personally hoping that her move will in some way tie in to the fact that Fitz spends some time this week visiting Olivia at the hospital (which you can see in the video sneak peek here).

Mellie’s actions are not going to be the only focus this week. We’re also set to explore a deep story involving Huck’s past, and what has led him to having a few moments of insanity in the present day. Not only that, but there is also going to be the continuation of the Jake plot, as we inch closer to finding out what his real motivations are.

Do you think Mellie keeps herself from being sympathetic at times, or would you ac the same way in her situation? Just in case the sneak peek above was not enough for you, be sure to also check this one out featuring Huck at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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