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If there is one thing that we can say about Jonathan Leonard right now, it is that he’s one of the kindest Big Brother Canada 11 players ever. He was extremely well-liked and he had Canada’s support but sometimes, none of this matters.

Ultimately, Jonathan’s eviction was the end result of him not being perceived as an equal to Hope in terms of his ability to win down the road — also, this move could prove to be a strike against the likes of Shanaya, Renee, and Claudia as anything. Shanaya choosing to use that Veto is going to have a ripple effect that we’ll see in the game for quite some time.

For now, though, let’s focus on the new evictee. In our new exit interview Jonathan talks about his time in the game, his advice for Hope, and being a part of the jury.

Matt & Jess TV – How are you feeling about your eviction one day later?

Jonathan – You know what? I feel great. I woke up, the sun was shining, and I got to sleep in a really comfortable bed and eat good food.

What really stuck with me is how everyone reacted when I got evicted. That really touched my heart. Seeing the way that everyone felt made me feel like I had a positive impact on that house. If I was going to go out being received any way, it’s [good that it was] positive. I feel good about it.

Why do you think you were evicted over Hope?

Honestly, it was up in the air. I didn’t fight against it. Maybe game-wise I owed myself a little bit more than that, but as a person that’s who I am. I wanted to see him do well. I felt like he had a lot to offer, as did I.

I didn’t want to push people in a certain direction. I wanted them to make the best game move for them. Members of the Crown had an early deal with Ty, that whoever went on the block next to Hope would go home. I feel like they were battling with that and battling what was best for their game. I genuinely feel like Kuzie, Anika, and Daniel C wanted me to be there.

Hope and I went into that eviction with a 50-50 mindset. I was prepared to either leave or stay and fight.

Did you know coming into last night that it was going to be a close vote?

Absolutely. I totally anticipated a close vote. The ladies were in my corner, too — Renee, Shanaya, and Claudia. They knew that lines were being drawn in the sand, and they knew that they needed a good number and a trustworthy number. They thought that was me and they wanted me to be there.

Santina felt like Hope was a little better for her game because she thought he had ties to both sides of the house. She didn’t know that I had stronger ties to both sides of the house. I didn’t tell her that — I might have robbed myself game-wise a little bit there, but I didn’t want to hurt my alliance’s secrecy. I didn’t want to hurt their games.

Is there anything you think could have been done to keep Shanaya from using the Veto?

No. At the end of the day, that was her friend up there in Renee. Shanaya had just lost Dan. She was losing numbers and people she trusted. If lose someone in that game you’re genuinely connected to, you feel it.

Her using it on one of her close friends and allies didn’t surprise me. Everyone, Ty included, was working for her not to use it. She was overwhelmed and emotional. I just wanted her to know that I understand, because given the opportunity, I’d save my friend too.

You and Hope were so close; what advice would you give him in the game moving forward?

Be the man he wants to be, and the man that I believe that he is. Sometimes, Hope forgets that he is the man he wants to be … I’ve seen his heart and what he believes in. He’s entrusted me with stories that he’s never [done] with anyone else. I believe he is a strong player in that game and he has a lot to offer, both to The Crown and Big Brother Canada.

So keep pushing and keep fighting, but stay true to your own mindset. Don’t let anyone sway you.

Had you stayed in the game and won HoH, who would you have nominated and why?

If I won HoH, I would have put Ty up, and it would’ve been tough to put someone next to him because he would’ve been my target. But, it would have to be Renee. She has a very strong social game, and it was underrated early on because of her being on the block so many times. She is a social player and I know this — she’s someone I’d have my eye on.

My target would be Ty for obvious reasons — we’ve been on different sides of the house since week 2.

Finally, what makes you excited to be a part of the jury this season?

There are a few things. I’m still a part of the show, which I’m super-excited about. I get to hang out with the houseguests on a different level and have different conversations about players still left in the house that will help us dictate the winner in the end.

And come finale night, just to cheers everybody and say ‘we did it together, there was no one loser, everyone fought to get here’ — we’ll raise the winner’s hand and give them the championship belt, but as a collective we all won. I look forward to celebrating that.

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