Power Book II: Ghost season 3 episode 5: The Tariq, Lauren reveal

Power Book II: Ghost season 3

Tonight on Power Book II: Ghost season 3 episode 5, we saw a moment that felt like it was a long time coming — and it was epic.

To be specific, let’s just say that Tariq St. Patrick and Lauren Baldwin have reunited and with that in mind, he now knows the truth: She almost died! Also, since that time she has been locked away from most of the world, and she had a lot to tell Tariq about Effie in a pretty short period of time.

Obviously, all of this information is going to shake things up all across the board. For starters, Tariq is not longer going to know whether or not he can trust Effie, and he’s certainly going to be hurt. There is painful stuff aplenty for Lauren, as well, as her heart and her head could be telling her two different things. Saxe is betrayed that Jenny didn’t tell him about this, and that could put a massive strain on their relationship.

Let’s be real here — we never quite expected the Jenny – Saxe contingent to get away with everything, mostly due to the fact that the police and/or prosecution rarely ever win. We do think there’s a way that Tariq gets away with a lot of stuff, but there could be a lot of obstacles and various trials / tribulations down the road still.

Hey, remember this

Episode 5 is typically a huge one within the entire franchise, let alone the world of Power Book II: Ghost. This wasn’t even the only big surprise! With the death of Lorenzo thrown in here, as well, we are clearly going to be set for an epic second half of the season that is stuffed full of surprises.

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