The Boys: Could we get a Jensen Ackles – Solider Boy prequel?

The Boys season 3

We know that The Boys season 4 is coming to Prime Video down the road and to go along with that, we’re also getting a spin-off in Gen V. Is there any chance at all that this franchise could add a prequel to its roster featuring Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy? Would that make any sense at all?

Let’s just start off by noting that technically, there is no news out there suggesting that such a thing is coming. Yet, the more that you think about it, the more it could make sense — and it should be something that the streaming service / producers consider.

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First and foremost, remember that the writers have already baked in so much history with Soldier Boy already. We saw flashbacks in season 3, as we learned a lot about Crimson Countess and a number of other people within the Payback team. Also, we know that Ackles can 100% carry a show, since he and Jared Padalecki did that for so many years on The CW. It would give you more insane humor and satire, and it would also help to spell The Boys in the time in which it was off the air.

Now that we’ve said all of this, though, let’s pose the following question: Would this series actually work story-wise? The most important thing is that there’s a specific reason for a prequel– as in, we learn something that we don’t already know. That being said we think that they’ve only scratched the surface of his story since he was the original superhero that Vought invested in. There’s a TON of story left to tell.

Tthere’s still always a chance that Jensen could return to The Boys down the road. Soldier Boy wasn’t technically killed off and because of that, there is a certain measure of hope that we will see him again, especially with how important his character has been to Vought as well as being Homelander’s dad.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun. 

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