‘Hell’s Kitchen’ review: Isn’t it always better with animals?

Hell's KitchenIf there is one thing that Tuesday night’s new episode of “Hell’s Kitchen” managed to deliver on, it was going by the age-old rule of entertainment. Everything is more entertaining when animals are involved. We are still drawn completely batty by the “challenges” that really don’t have anything to do with cooking at all, but there were some valuable lessons that were learned from watching some of the chefs chase around livestock in front of the kitchen. For one, Nedra is hilariously petrified of animals!

Inside, we had one of those competitions where one chef has their dish kicked to the curb, and this person typically has a better dish than the ones that are actually entered. In this case, it was Dan who was shafted over Michael when it comes to serving goat. He was of course visibly upset, but based on what we’ve seen this season, Dan would probably be upset if he won … or if it was Christmas … or if he won the lottery. The guy is a big character, and you would think that this is the sort of guy Gordon Ramsay would want to keep around for ratings.

Unfortunately, it just wasn’t to be for Dan in this competition. In what was an incredibly awkward dinner service, Ramsay decided to make it family night on the same day that he had to swear even more than usual. The boys were completely embarrassed as a whole here, as the women came over to help and Mary single-handedly dominated the entire service. What is it about the guys? They can’t work together, and it is basically egos attacking each other left and right.

If we had to send home somebody, we actually would have sent home Barret just for trying to send out raw chicken to Chef James’ pregnant wife. However, Dan’s elimination came down to cumulative cooking, and him just not getting along with anyone. Who knows? Maybe with him gone, the team will be able to work better as a whole.

Do you think that Ramsay made the right decision? If you want to read our most-recent “Hell’s Kitchen” contestant interview with Jessica Lewis, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: Fox

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