Snowfall season 6 episode 9: Is Teddy McDonald dead?!

Snowfall season 6

Snowfall season 6 episode 9 may prove to be one of the show’s strongest episodes ever — it certainly has to be one of the boldest.

So is Teddy really dead? Given the character’s many cockroach-like qualities, it is fair to wonder about that and yet, we do think that he is 100% a gone. It is hard to fathom anything else at the moment. The way that he died was also both perfectly poetic and also emotionally devastating for everyone involved.

Here is a quick recap — at the end of the episode, Franklin decided to let Teddy live based on a compromise that they split the money in half. It was the only way that Damson Idris’ character was going to be getting any of it at the end of the day. To him, this was better than just killing Teddy and having that be the end of things.

However, Cissy did not agree. The idea of letting Teddy go, given all he did, was too much to bear. All of this went back to the death of Alton seasons ago. While he was captured, Teddy told Franklin’s a mom a lie and claimed that he had arrested him and had him stored in some Puerto Rican prison. It wasn’t until the end of the episode, when he called up the bank to negotiate the transfer, that he admitted the truth: He killed him. Alton is 100% gone. Furious over that, and for the lie told earlier in the episode, she killed Teddy right in front of Franklin and the authorities. He’s gone, and she allowed herself to be arrested.

This moment was a harrowing reminder of what Cissy cared about more than anything: What she already lost. It wasn’t just losing Alton, but also the reminder that she had lost her son to Teddy’s operation. Allowing Franklin to get that money would not bring the old Franklin back; the only thing that she thought she could do was get her own brand of justice.

With Teddy gone and Franklin still without the money, he is running out of options — and now, the series finale draws near.

Still, what an incredible episode of television — every single moment was intense and well-earned.

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