Survivor 44 episode 7: What advantages are left?

Survivor 44

As you get yourselves prepared to see Survivor 44 episode 7 on CBS tomorrow night, why not discuss advantages for a moment? Even though some idols are now invalid thanks to everyone being on one beach, others still remain.

Meanwhile, there is also one advantage currently active — so let’s dive further into that, and what else could be coming up next…

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First and foremost, let’s get into the immunity idols that are 100% still active. Both Danny and Carolyn still have them, and unless there is something we haven’t seen in the edit, no one else is aware that they’ve got them. As a matter of fact, it’s felt for the longest time that Tika doubted Carolyn’s ability to actually find one! She’s been really careful and does not appear to be a major target of anyone at the moment. Danny is more of a physical threat, and there’s a chance he just plays his the moment he hears someone whispering his name.

Also, we have to remember that Lauren has an extra vote and at least some people are aware of that. The longer she stays in the game at this point, the more dangerous she becomes — and based on the previews that we’ve seen, she may be working to actively split up Matt and Frannie moving forward.

So what about fakes?

Well, we have to remember that both Matt and Jaime each think they still have some power that they could use in the game whenever they need it — and that could bite them in the butt. Brandon, in theory, has some materials that he could use to make a fake idol from the start of the game.

What else is coming?

We have seen from some of the previews out there that something else is being placed into the game — is it an idol, or something totally new?

As for the preview where Jeff claims that someone will “have no say in who’s going home,” it may be a little misleading. There may only be a couple of people in this position; everyone else could still vote.

Related What else can you expect to see on tomorrow night’s episode?

What are you expecting to see at this point moving into Survivor 44 episode 7?

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