Yellowstone season 5: The Stagecoach promo & what it means

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For those of you who have not heard the news as of yet, there is a rather interesting collaboration coming with Yellowstone and Stagecoach. So what exactly does this represent? Well, it’s a rather interesting look inside how Paramount Network still views the show.

If there are two words that we would describe the state of things with the Taylor Sheridan drama the past few months, it would be “hot mess.” It’s hard to even go through every reason why, but we’ll try. The show’s almost certainly not going to meet its summer return date, Kevin Costner’s future is still unclear, there is no precise return date for filming, and the bulk of the cast were MIA at a PaleyFest panel featuring a number of people who paid to see them in attendance. None of this has been good for the show’s future.

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Yet, even with all of this being said, Paramount is still paying the money to create an interactive Yellowstone experience at Stagecoach, complete with photo opportunities, merch, games, and more. The country-music festival (which takes place from April 28 to April 30), is a natural extension of the show’s brand for sure, and you can find more attention over at the link here.

What does all this promotion mean?

Well, for starters, that nobody is canceling Yellowstone, and nor are they planning to just create a new spin-off right away. Promoting the main show means that there are still plans for it and that the parties involved are confident this will all get done.

The biggest roadblock for restarting production seems to be, at least from the outside looking in, the status of Costner. The leading man has a new movie he’s been working on in Horizon, and that is one of the reasons for the conflicts. However, also remember for a moment here that being on this show only benefits his movie in the long run. With that, we tend to think everything will work out in the end.

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