Yellowjackets season 2 spoilers: Will Shauna & Jeff break up?

Yellowjackets season 2At some point before Yellowjackets season 2 wraps up on Showtime, are we going to see the end of Shauna and Jeff? At this point, there is a clear case we could be going that route. Of course, you could’ve also made that case last season. Shauna has not exactly been faithful in their marriage as of late, and that is without even getting into what happened to Adam.

As we saw last week, Melanie Lynskey’s character is starting to unravel as the investigation into Adam’s death heightens. What does that mean? Well, it could cause her to revert at least in part to her former self, and that could put a strain on her marriage.

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Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter further on this subject, here is some of what Warren Kole (who plays the character) had to say:

“As Shauna continues to reconstitute into this manifestation that he’d only read about in these journals of herself — the more savage, dark impulse Shauna — he’s being optimistic, but it’s fragile. And he’s really being tested as it continues to descend into a very dark, violent place.”

So absolutely, you should be worried about these two moving forward, especially since things are almost certainly going to go from bad to worse over time. It is important to remember that we’ve yet to even see the adult version of Lottie around Shauna, and who knows what that is going to bring out of her? For the time being, the easy assumption to make here is that Lottie was the Antler Queen back in the past … but what if that isn’t the case? We also do wonder if it was actually Shauna, and that is a part of the twist we are getting set up for down the road.

In the end, the most important thing to remember here is clearly, once again, that none of us have a full sense of what actually happened in the past. We are looking at a picture that feels largely incomplete.

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What do you think will happen with Shauna and Jeff before we get to the end of Yellowjackets season 2?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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