Succession season 4 episode 4 trailer: Kendall Roy unravels…

Succession season 4As so many of you certainly know at this point, we are entering a totally new era with Succession season 4 episode 4 coming out this Sunday. Logan Roy is dead and with that, every question about his replacement is going to rise to the forefront.

So who will be the king or queen of the Waystar Royco palace? As you would expect, there are a dozen or so different candidates for it at present.

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We should start here by noting that Kendall, Shiv, and Roman are all going to try and make their voices heard, but each will have their fair share of roadblocks. We’re sure that Tom will make things hard on Shiv, even if he doesn’t have all that much power and wants the job for himself. Meanwhile, Kendall seems, at least based on the trailer we saw after last night’s episode, to be on the verge of total collapse. This is someone who has never been able to conquer some of his demons the past few years, and what he thinks he knows is actually rather different from what he actually does.

Roman, meanwhile, is actually the best idea man of the three, but he doesn’t really scream “leadership.” He’s a perfect second-in-command, but maybe not a main boss.

So who will these three be up against?

Well, Gerri is not going anywhere despite the proclamations that she be fired by Logan, right before his death. The rest of the Old Guard is also still around. Greg is still present, though we already know how unqualified he is. Meanwhile, Matsson also still has a major role to play as a potential purchaser for the company — he wants the parts of Waystar, but thinks the company as a whole is in dilapidated shape.

Oh, and one more thing…

Connor Roy is still running for President. Could he actually win? It’s unlikely, but it is worth nothing that he could get a sympathy bump for losing his father on his wedding day.

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Who do you think is most likely to get Waystar Royco coming out of Succession season 4 on HBO?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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