Ted Lasso season 3 episode 5: Will Zava leave Richmond?!

Ted Lasso season 3As we get set for the arrival of Ted Lasso season 3 episode 5 on Apple TV+ this weekend, why not have a chat about the future of AFC Richmond? We know that so far this season, Zava has been almost a one-man show for the club.

However, don’t be surprised if this changes, and also for a rather specific reason: The rise of one Jamie Tartt.

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As you saw at the end of episode 4, it looks like the club’s once-cocky soccer prodigy is about to move his career in a very different direction. He is training with Roy Kent now and committing himself to become one of the best players in all the Premier League. This is a chance to live up to his massive potential, but also at the same time live up to the promise that a lot of people expected and hopes to see from him once upon a time.

Of course, him getting to become a better player is a good thing … but can Zava handle it? While he may not have said it, we do think that one of the reasons why he decided to join Richmond was the chance to be “the guy.” A lot of his antics and behaviors may just be a way for him to carry with him a very particular sheen that comes with being a star athlete. If he is challenged to some degree, then there is a chance that all of this is going to end up falling apart. We have to expect that to a certain degree, mostly because we don’t expect cohesion with Richmond all season.

Could losing Zava make the team better?

At first, probably not — but in the end? We do think it betters the whole team to have more of a unified squad, and not so much everyone watching a singular player shine. The only way we personally see Zava sticking around long-term is if he gets hurt, and we’ll have to wait and see if that happens.

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What do you think is going to happen with Zava over the course of Ted Lasso season 3?

Be sure to share right now in the comments! Once you do just that, remember to come back — there are even more updates coming down the road.

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