Outlander series finale: When could it realistically air?

Outlander season 7When we think a little bit about the long-term future of Outlander, it is okay to feel a little bittersweet. There are only 26 episodes left! That may seem like a lot, but we know thanks to watching this show for so many years that they can really blow by. You start a new season and then before you can catch your breath, they’re all over.

Because of all of this, we do think it is a worthy and interesting exercise at this point to really prognosticate out the remainder of the show’s run. Just how many months and/or years do we really have left?

One thing that we do know thanks to a casual glance at the schedule is that the season 7 premiere is currently slated to air when we get around to Friday, June 16. The story is being split into halves, with the second batch of eight episodes coming in 2024. At that point, there’s at least a chance that production of the eighth and final season will be underway. We don’t get the sense that Starz will rush into anything when it comes to that chapter of Outlander, mostly because they don’t have to. There are a couple of reasons why.

1. This current break in production is allowing the cast and crew to do some other things, and they certainly deserve that.

2. Meanwhile, Starz has such a logjam of programming that they are set for a long time. They won’t be too bummed if we’re stuck waiting for the final episodes to air until 2025.

Because of all of this, we tend to think that we are at least two years out from the series finale airing, if not a little bit longer than that. Of course, then you also remember that there is a prequel coming in Outlander: Blood of My Blood.

What we’re trying to say in the end here is pretty simple: Despite that aforementioned bittersweet feeling, Outlander as a franchise is not going anywhere. There are still plenty of chances to smile and/or be excited with what the producers and Starz are giving us.

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When do you think the Outlander series finale could realistically arrive on Starz?

Be sure to let us know in the attached comments! Once you do just that, be sure to also come back here for other updates down the road.

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