Big Brother Canada 11 spoilers: The waffle fight

Big Brother Canada season 11 logoAs we prepared for the latest Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Dailies to arrive, there was really one question we wanted info on more than any other — who won safety? Also, what would that mean for the rest of the HoH week?

A quick refresher for everyone who needs it: Ty won the endurance Head of Household competition that started after Thursday’s show, and it is easy to say that this is one he desperately needed. We knew that one of his targets was going to be Santina, and yesterday during the Dailies we learned that she and most likely Renee were going to be the potential nominations.

However, this is where a wrench gets thrown into the plan: Most of the internet, as far as we saw, voted for Santina to get the power as a way to stir the pot further in the game. The real question is whether or not that was enough to offset the more casual audience.

So did Santina get it? Well … we still don’t know. It’s silly, but that wasn’t a part of the update today.

So what did we get instead?

Waffle gate! This was silly, but it’s also what happens when you get rid of one of the better cooks in the game in Dan. Anika made waffles, and Santina complained about hers to her face while telling her that she’s entitled to a good waffle. That didn’t go over well, Santina dropped the b-word, said she was rude, and then it went throughout the house.

Is Santina the nicest person in the game? Not exactly, and her social game is bad. Yet, this is a part of the comedy associated with her potentially getting safety. There’s a chance that this is going to lead to SO many more arguments and drama long-term.

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What did you want to see happen with the safety vote this week in Big Brother Canada 11?

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