ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 2, episode 19 preview: Fitz makes Cyrus panic

ScandalAs rough as the past few weeks without new “Scandal” episodes may have been for you, there is a reason to rejoice now. Beginning on Thursday night, the hit ABC series is going to be back with new episodes, and they will air almost nonstop the rest of the way until the finale comes on the air on May 16.

So what is the overall theme of Thursday’s “Seven Fifty-Two” going to be? The sneak peek below certainly suggests that we are going to see quite a bit of devotion coming from President Fitzgerald Grant, but not exactly to the person that most of the American people would assume he would want to show it to.

Rather, Fitz’s decision to wait around in the hospital for Olivia to improve has really managed to throw Cyrus into a complete and utter panic. He clearly understands the severity of this situation.  If the wrong person working at the hospital decides to disclose that the President was visiting another woman, and also showing quite a bit of affection on his face over her, it could mean some serious trouble in his political career.

This is a pretty ballsy and bold move for Fitz to make … but you also have to wonder where some of this behavior was over ten months ago in the show’s timeline, which is when Olivia really needed him.

What do you think about this “Scandal” video, and do you think Fitz is going to reveal himself to all of the America as a top-grade cheater by the time this episode is over? If you want to watch another scene from this episode focusing almost exclusively on Olivia and Fitz, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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