Bel-Air season 2 episode 8 spoilers: Can Carlton recover?

Bel-Air season 2

As we start to get ourselves prepared for Bel-Air season 2 episode 8 on Peacock next week, it feels fair to be concerned. After all, consider where we are in the season!

Beyond just that, consider, as well, where things currently are when it comes to Carlton Banks. At the end of episode 7, he relapsed and that does lead to a number of big questions. Take, for example, whether someone is going to find him in time and if they do, how much are they going to be able to help. This IS a situation where time is of the essence given that situations like this are so difficult.

Remember, sometimes it’s okay to not be okay and the best thing we can do is help those in need with resources. Really, anything to alleviate the pressure.

For Will, looking out for Carlton could be at least a part of what he should be thinking about, but also the dangerous spot he is putting himself in by putting so many of his eggs into the AAU world with that team. There is a financial commitment to it, but then also one where the pressures associated with it could overwhelm him in a flash. So many of these characters are young and, admittedly, it can be a little hard to remember that in the midst of everything that is going on. They are going to make more mistakes, and they will also do things here and there that leave us screaming at the TV.

How much more is left this season?

Well, there isn’t much and because of that, we do have to anticipate that things are going to get more dramatic so much sooner than they are going to get better. We have to imagine that some more twists are coming and maybe by the season 2 finale, Will, Carlton, and the other characters can start to feel more secure.

Of course, this is where we also remind you that there is a season 3 already ordered — there is a chance for a big cliffhanger at the end!

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Where do you think we are going to see the story go moving into Bel-Air season 2 episode 8 at Peacock?

Have any big theories? Be sure to share in the comments, and also come back for other updates down the road that we don’t want you missing.

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