‘Big Brother Canada’ live feed spoilers: The battle for Gary begins

GaryHow things can change within just a week in the “Big Brother Canada” house. At this time a week ago, Gary was sitting inside the jury house, really just waiting for his time when he could cast a vote for someone to win in the finale. Now, he is one of a few remaining players with a guarantee of winning the $100,000 grand prize. All he needs to do is win a few more competitions, and he could win it all – if he brings the right person with him to the final two that is.

What is hilarious now is that some people who were once relieved to have him gone, now have to campaign to him. Take for instance Talla, who spent much of her time Sunday night trying to claim that they need to work together in order to take Emmett and Jillian out. The truth is that she wants Gary out for whatever reason, but she has to sell herself to him in any way she can, especially if he is to win HoH this coming week.

After all, there’s really no campaigning necessary at this point to convince Gary to vote out Andrew. He is the HoH who put him on the block to begin with, and while he holds Alec in part responsible for his demise, he certainly won’t mind getting a popular jury player out. Even if Gary wanted to keep Andrew, it still wouldn’t matter: Emmett and Jillian are voting to get rid of him, and make Jillian’s chances of winning the next competition all the higher.

Do you find it hilarious, or frustrating that Gary is now the person that players are going to for votes in this game?┬áIf you want to read some more “Big Brother Canada” scoop from earlier in the day, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: Slice

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