‘Mad Men’ season 6, episode 4 review: Will Don and Megan survive her career advancement?

Don and Megan DraperIt’s been a long wait for this week’s episode of “Mad Men” season 6, especially with how badly things are going for Pete Campbell – so how is he holding up now that Trudy is leaving him?

Pete Campbell: He’s living in his sleazy apartment now and separated from Trudy, but he doesn’t look like he’s really too broken up about his split – work seems to be the big priority right now.

Megan Draper: Megan has moved past the tragedy of the miscarriage with the help of her blossoming career. She has been offered a way bigger role on the soap she’s working on, but it includes kissing another man.  How did Don react to the news?  He said that he’ll tolerate it, but he won’t encourage it – unfortunately things get very weird when the head writer and his wife try to rope Don and Megan into a swingers situation.  Later when Megan when Don watches her perform her love scene on set, Don is visibly upset seeing her kiss another man and they get into a giant fight in her dressing room.

Don Draper: His affair with his friend’s wife is still going strong, the news of Megan’s miscarriage hasn’t changed a thing for Don and after watching Megan’s love scene he goes to see his mistress in hopes of finding peace with her.

Joan: In her new role as a partner, Joan is really taking control of the staff with her no nonsense approach to tomfoolery in the office, so when Harry’s assistant Scarlett takes off during work hours and has someone else punch her time card for her, Joan fires her.  Harry is completely furious at Joan for what she did and calls her out during a partner’s meeting saying that she doesn’t deserve her position as a partner and that he should be there instead of her, because he has actually “earned” the spot.

Peggy Olson: After Don and his crew finish presenting to Heinz Ketchup they walk out of the meeting and straight into Peggy who is about to pitch to Heinz as well.  Is it awkward – definitely and after Don over hears Peggy’s pitch to them he’s worried that they’ve lost the account.

We were hoping to catch a little bit more about the fall out from Pete’s divorce, but it was nice to finally see Joan in the spotlight, we had really been waiting for that.  What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Mad Men” season 6?  Leave a comment and tell us what you want to see happen this season.

Photo: AMC

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