Magnum PI season 5 episode 9: Is Magnum proposing to Higgins?

Magnum PI season 5

Magnum PI season 5 episode 9 should probe to be full of some great content, but there’s also a big question, as well. Are we about see Thomas Magnum proposing to Juliet Higgins?

Well, let’s just say that we are more curious than ever based on what we just saw in that preview tonight! We saw what looked to be a pretty darn romantic scene between the two, but we’re of course wondering if not all is exactly what it seems.

After all, remember that this is a show that has done its fair share of dream sequences before. Heck, it’s also done some dream sequences in the past revolving around Magnum and Higgins! Just think about the one that really showed us how much she had feelings for him in the first place. It’d make sense that she would want to be married to him, and it’s a fun full-circle moment to back when she thought she’d need to marry someone to stay in the country.

Of course, there’s another functional reason why Higgins could be having unusual dreams during this episode. Over the course of it, Perdita Weeks’ character will be undercover in a psychiatric hospital. Depending on how she is being treated there, it is easy to understand why she would be put through a wide array of different emotions and also think about a number of harrowing experiences.

What’s one thing that we are certainly thinking about right now? The nightmare that also appeared at the end of the promo, one that featured a good bit of a blood and terror. If the proposal is manifestation of Higgins’ dream come true, the latter is a nightmare.

When could we see an actual proposal?

It’d be great if it happens at some point, but we tend to think it’s more likely for the second part of the season as opposed to the first. Maybe it’s a good season 5 finale storyline? We want them to get comfortable in a romantic relationship first and it’s all still so new!

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