‘Big Brother Canada’ live feed spoilers: Gary, Emmett ponder the endgame

GaryWith Dan Gheesling in the “Big Brother Canada” house, we have seen a little bit of a strategy overload the past day or two. We’re certainly not complaining about that, though, since it gives us an opportunity to really understand what some of the houseguests’ plans are in the long-term. Dan is someone that is not playing favorites, and he can listen to all of the players to give them advice.

With this in mind, we’re going to do our best to set up what the desired endgames are for each one of the players left, with of course the knowledge in mind that Andrew is almost sure to leave the game during Thursday night’s live eviction show.

Andrew – If he some how manages to pull of a miracle, he has to know that his best final option is with Jillian and Talla, given that one of them is unpopular in the jury whereas the other is almost a non-entity.

Gary – Gary is not afraid to be with Emmett in the final three seemingly, but he, like most other people, knows that he needs to have Talla around as long as possible. As a matter of fact, she may be his only good shot at winning given that he has been evicted from the game previously.

Talla – We don’t know much Talla is really thinking about the long-term, but she knows that with Andrew gone, Jillian or Gary may be her best hope at winning.

Emmett – He really has his pick of who he wants to take, since with Andrew gone, nobody left could really beat him in the end. As tempted as he is with Gary, though, he told Dan this afternoon that his best chance is to roll with Jillian all the way since he is clearly more popular than her.

Jillian – She’s probably in the toughest spot. The gamer in her wants to take Talla over Emmett in that she knows that Talla will be easier to beat; however, we wonder with all of her lies if she is like Dan last season, where it would be hard for her to win no matter what.

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