‘True Blood’ season 6: Alexander Skarsgard ‘teases’ story, sings

Alexander SkarsgardIn just under two months now on June 16, “True Blood” season 6 is going to be officially upon us, and with that in mind, it seems to be time to drop some more scoop via Alexander Skarsgard!

In the video below, you can check out the actor behind Eric Northman chatting with Rolling Stones critic Peter Travers, and he talks a little bit about his craft, using accents, and how being on the super-popular HBO managed to completely and totally change his life in ways that he never imagined. The series has managed to open up all sorts of movie possibilities for Skarsgard, and he now has to be one of the busiest people to also take part on the show.

When the interview finally did come around to “True Blood,” Travers brought up the subject by citing what was his last line of season 5: “run.” This turned out to be a pretty marvelous segue into the upcoming episodes, as Skarsgard summed up the entire story by saying the following:

“We run for ten episodes in season 6 … It’s a great season.”

Of course, the real story of season 6 is much more complicated than that. However, Eric’s story may actually be more guarded than almost any other series regular in the cast. We already know that the Stackhouse siblings are going to try and avenge their parents’ death, and that Alcide is going to be busy trying to adjust to his new role leading a pack.  Just to make this interview even better, Skarsgard also sings.

What do you want to see happen with Eric on the upcoming season? If you want to check out some more season 6 scoop via Ryan Kwanten, be sure to check out the story over at the link here.

Photo: HBO

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