Survivor 44 episode 6 preview: The merge is here!

Survivor 44

As we prepare for Survivor 44 episode 6 on CBS next week, there is absolutely a lot to think about — especially as the game advances.

What’s so weird about what lies ahead is that there was technically no one voted out tonight. Because of Matthew being medically evacuated, Yam Yam, Carolyn, and Josh all know each other’s secrets and who was gunning for who. Yam Yam and Carolyn both saw the fakest idol known to mankind, and that makes it that there is some serious distrust. Hilariously, Yam Yam was in a spot where he had two choices and neither one of them was altogether great.

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Given that we’d lost six players over the course of the past five episodes, it was pretty easy to predict that we would be going into the merge … or at least something similar to the merge. That was a chance to see everyone mixed together, which is fun given that at the Tika camp, we had three people who could turn on each other in a split second.

Who are the biggest targets?

It’s gotta be Danny and Brandon just on the basis of what they talked about on the journey. They talked about the game directly in front of her!

Now, it is worth noting that Danny does still have a legitimate idol, as does Carolyn from Tika. Those could come into play big-time, whereas some of the idols that Carson / Jaime got for splitting tribes are hilariously dead. The funny thing now is that with Matthew gone, no one is there to tell Jaime that her idol isn’t real. This easily could create an epic moment.

Even with losing Matthew, there is still a chance that we will have some really big moments and fun gameplay ahead! It seems like a lot of people are eager to be there.

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What do you most want to see moving into Survivor 44 episode 6 on CBS?

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