Ted Lasso season 3 episode 4: Will Sam, Rebecca be together?

Ted Lasso season 3

As we move into Ted Lasso season 3 episode 4 on Apple TV+ next week, there are suddenly some hopeful signs for Sam and Rebecca!

So where do we start? Well, for starters, go ahead and consider the green matchbook! Given that Hannah Waddingham’s character received that while at Sam’s new restaurant, she may view this as some sort of hopeful sign for the future. We don’t necessarily believe that she is some sort of huge believer in visions or psychics, but all of a sudden, she may think that there is something to what Tish told her earlier on in the episode. That may cause her to consider Sam again in a way that she had started to let go of.

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Yes, it is still very-much true that such a pairing would still be incredibly complicated. Just think for a moment about the stakes here! She is the owner of the team and with that, his employer. This could be a nightmare for human resources. Yet, this show has shown already that love can be messy. We discussed that in the video above, and we’re sure we’ll be talking about it again once episode 4 starts streaming.

Speaking to TVLine in a new interview, Toheeb Jimoh had the following to say about the idea of a Sam / Rebecca pairing down the road:

“Hmm… I’m not sure … I think I’ll leave that up to audiences to decide. All I will say is, the most important thing about the two of them is that they care about each other. That is the core of their relationship, and they will never not have what they had in Season 2. That romance will always be a part of them. It’s their shared experience, you know? They can never go back from that. But for the most part, they just care about each other and they want each other to be happy, and that’s the most important thing, so we will see.”

If something does happen, this is a sign that it won’t be right away. Sam has both the restaurant and his team to worry about! He is rather busy, and Rebecca always is. Given that there are still nine more episodes and most of them are pretty jam-packed, this is a sign that there is not too much to concern yourself with at present.

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What do you most think the future will hold for Sam and Rebecca as we move further into Ted Lasso season 3?

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