Shrinking season 2 premiere date: The impact of filming

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It certainly goes without saying that the interest in a Shrinking season 2 premiere date will be high after the season 1 finale. How can it not be? Just think about what we just saw with one of Jimmy’s own patients in Grace pushing her husband off the cliff!

What we’re really learning from this cliffhanger is rather simple: There are some massive consequences to Jimmy’s strategies in therapy in the past, and we will end up seeing some of these pay off over time. It is really just a matter of when we’ll get to see all of them over on Apple TV+, as there is no clear timeline as to when Jason Segel and the rest of the cast will be back.

The great news is that Shrinking does already have a season 2 renewal; however, there is no clear filming timeline and that may be influenced by several factors. For example, Harrison Ford may be filming 1923 season 2 as early as this summer, and he also has his latest Indiana Jones movie coming out on June 30 — there’s a lot of promotion that will go along with that. We’ll have to wait and see if there is any time for him to work on this comedy in the midst of all of that.

Obviously, the start of production will heavily influence the show’s premiere date — we know it won’t be back until at least 2024. One silver lining to all of this is that we don’t believe that this is an altogether hard show to film. It doesn’t require a lot of post-production work, and most of the scenes are fairly small in scale. Compare this to Ted Lasso, which had to put together some of those epic soccer matches. Also, Shrinking is a comedy and most of its episodes come in around 30 minutes.

Hopefully, there will be at least some more news to share here over the next six months.

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