Superman & Lois season 3 episode 4 spoilers: ‘Too Close to Home’

Superman & Lois season 3

Are you hoping to see Superman & Lois season 3 episode 4 in the near future? Luckily, we know that it is coming next week … but we do get a sense there are tear-jerking moments ahead.

So what can we say about this hour? Well, the title here in “Too Close to Home” has us worried, and that’s before we dive too deep into the story itself. Just remember everything that we know already that Lois Lane is going through. Of course, that has to be at the forefront of where things stand right now, and it is a reminder that at this show’s core is a very human story. Sure, there is still superpowers, heroes, and villains, but Superman & Lois has always been about more than that. We tend to think that this storyline about Lois’ health is a reflection of this perhaps more than almost anything else we’ve seen.

Want to get a few more details now about episode 4? Then take a look at the synopsis below:

TENSIONS MOUNT – Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) interrupts an intense conversation between Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) and John Henry (Wole Parks). Meanwhile, Kyle (Erik Valdez) tried to run interferrence between Sarah (Inde Navarrette) and Lana (Emmanuelle Chriqui). Lastly, Jonathan (Michael Bishop) has a heated discussion with Candice’s dad. Stewart Hendler directed the episode written by Juliana James (#304). Original airdate 4/4/2023.

The further we get into this season, the more tension there is going to be for a couple of different reasons. We’re going to obviously have the story playing out when it comes to Lois’ health, but then there’s also the long-term future of the series, as well. Are we going to have an opportunity to get a season 4? It goes without saying that we want it, but we can’t sit here and say anything with the utmost confidence. It is far too early in the process, and we know that The CW has new ownership.

Is there anything that you are especially hoping to see moving into Superman & Lois season 3 episode 4 next week?

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