‘Britain’s Got Talent’ review: Jordan O’Keefe, Richard & Adam, and MC Boy featured

Britain's Got TalentLast week on “Britain’s Got Talent,” we had a season premiere that was really stuffed full of entertainment. While not every act that we saw was the quality needed in order to win the show, we did at least have a few acts (whether it be a shadow puppet theater or a young girl with a big voice) that managed to truly impress.

So did we have more of the same this week? Definitely. While we were forced at one point to sit through two “Jersey Shore” wannabes with a “club hit,” we did have some great singers, a brilliant dance trio, and also a comedian that really made us laugh.

Sham – Don’t you always love it when someone comes out on stage and says that they have no idea what they are going to do? If nothing else, it does make for a pretty hilarious moment of failure.

AJ & Chloe – We appreciate that this ballroom duo tried to inject a little bit of creativity into what is a pretty tough act to make waves in this competition. We know that this appeals heavily to Alesha Dixon, but can a pair of dancers like this really win? Our fear as we near the end of the competition is if they have anything new or innovative to show.

Richard & Adam – Who expected this? We sure didn’t. These two guys were absolutely brilliant classical singers, and they just waltzed on stage saying that they haven’t sang for that long, and that they work in a sandwich shop. Now, both of them (along with their grandmother, who apparently worships the ground Ant & Dec walk on) will move on to the next round.

Two Ways – It’s pretty clear that these two guys were just trying to be the new DJ Talent or the new “where me keys, where me phone?” guy from last year. The problem? Their song was even more derivative than the other acts, and it just wasn’t that catchy.

Neil Hook – There was something very mesmerizing about Neil. He’s a pretty awful singer, but there’s something kind of sweet about his dream to re-open a pastry shop if he wins the grand prize. Who knows? Maybe Simon Cowell and David Walliams (who were the only two present for this audition after the girls “stormed up”) put him through just so that he would get a new shop and stop singing.

CEO Dancers – While we see plenty of dance duos, dance trios are something that’s a little bit new; and for whatever reason, we really loved this. There was a nice mixture of contemporary and cultural dances in here, and these three ladies / Simon Cowell superfans live on.

Jordan O’Keefe – The smartest thing that you can do when auditioning for a Simon Cowell show is take on a song like “Little Things,” that way Simon Cowell can pull in some sort of royalty cash as a result.

Martin Steele – This act was pretty simple: he put a trash bag on his bum and started walking around singing.

On the Edge – We feel kind of bad for this boy band, more than they weren’t just a joke act. We think that they genuinely thought they had a chance at this.

Francine Lewis – We wrote about this impressionist in the preview piece, and you can see more of that here; we’ll just sum it up on this piece by saying that she is rather brilliant, and could go very far in this competition.

MC Boy – It’s a bit different to end a show with a rapper, mostly because they are not people who tend to have any talent on this show at all. Sadly, he was one of those … but he may be more of the heir apparent to DJ Talent. He’s absolutely awful, but somehow he’s probably going to make it to the live shows.

Who was your favorite from this week’s “Britain’s Got Talent”? If you want to go back and read our full review of the premiere, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: ITV

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