Virgin River season 5: Why doesn’t Netflix do split seasons?

Virgin River season 4In the past, we have written on the site about some various ideas that Netflix could employ when it comes to Virgin River season 5. Of course, the idea of splitting the season up has to be among them for a few different reasons.

Take, for starters, the simple fact that there are twelve episodes in each season — that means that in theory, you could give us two batches of six with a month or two in between. This strategy was really successful for the recent fourth season of YOU, and we saw something relatively similar in the past when it comes to Stranger Things.

So why would Netflix even want to deviate from something that worked for them in the past? Well, it would address one of the complaints that we’ve seen out there about the series in that viewers are being forced to wait a year between episodes and it’s tough. It’s especially hard for those who either aren’t used to the binge-watching model or just prefer to check out an episode a week. A Netflix show is never going to be that, but splitting the show up would at least create two separate periods to sit around and discuss it.

(Of course, we would point out to some upset about the wait time that Virgin River is actually a far more consistent show than some of the other programs that the streamer has — take Squid Game or The Witcher as some primary examples here.)

Another benefit…

If we did end up seeing the show split up, you could bring the series back slightly earlier — think June instead of July. We also wonder if won the road, they would potentially up the episode count and from there, opt for a split season at that point.

Moving forward, we do think all options are on the table; the overall performance could dictate the plan a great deal.

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What are you hoping to see when it comes to Virgin River season 5?

Do you think it makes sense for Netflix to give us split seasons? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! Once you do that, stay tuned for some other updates. (Photo: Netflix.)

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