Yellowjackets season 2 episode 2 theory: Where is Javi?

Yellowjackets season 2We know that there are SO many different things to discuss entering Yellowjackets season 2 episode 2, but why not start off with Javi?

There are a few different things that we should say about the character, beginning with what Lottie said in the premiere: He may still be alive. Even though that seems entirely implausible, there is that small glimmer of hope now that he is hovering around out there … and the question is where that could be.

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We know that there are some inevitable comparisons that you can make with this show and Lost, given that both resolve around plane crashes and toy around here and there with the idea of the supernatural. Also, we’ve seen in the previews for Yellowjackets season 2 it be said multiple times that the team may not be alone out in the wilderness. When you think about this very fact alone, isn’t it plausible that they is another group out there — think this show’s version of the Others?

If course, we are not expecting Michael Emerson is going to be turning up in the wilderness anytime soon in order to cause a lot of chaos. This is its own show and by virtue of that, it’s going to bring a number of its own twists to the table. Some of them could be completely shocking, and we do tend to think that if Javi is still out there, he could already be a very different person from who Travis and everyone else remembered from the time of the crash.

While we know that the writers are slowly unraveling some of these mysteries, we tend to think that a few others need to be resolved a little more quickly. Our hope is that as we move further into this season, we will have a chance to get some other intel.

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Do you think we are actually going to learn the truth about Javi over the course of Yellowjackets season 2?

Be sure to let us know in the comments! Once you do just that, remember to come back — there are other updates coming that we don’t want you to miss. (Photo: Showtime.)

This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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