‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6: Who won’t return, and production update via Kurt Sutter

Sons of AnarchyAs we dive into this weekend, we have some of the latest behind-the-scenes details coming out now via “Sons of Anarchy” executive producer Kurt Sutter. (Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube page here if you want to be notified of when these hit.) The subject matter this week bounces around a little bit, but he does give you a little bit of insight into where the show is now when it comes to scripts (he’s turning in his draft of 6×02), along with answering a few questions about the show’s future.

The most interesting discussion that takes place here is probably about character names, as he explains with an anecdote that during his days on “The Shield,” he and the other writers would often sneak names by executive producer Shawn Ryan that were deliberately meant to mess with him. In speaking about characters, he also answers a question about if a favorite from the show’s early days would return, along with if season 7 is still the desired end date. (Here’s a hint: that’s still the plan.)

We’ve stated this before, but we do wish that this is something that more showrunners did in order to give back to fans. Sutter has figured out a way in between these and his Q&A sessions to take a little bit of time out of his schedule to talk about the show, but at the same time, he manages to not reveal anything substantial about the story. It’s a great way to keep your show in the headlines and even discussed here, as there are some other great shows that we love and are popular on the site that we do not have many chances to discuss during the off months.

What do you think about this new edition of Sutter’s video series? If you want to see what Sutter had to say recently about directors and the return of an old favorite, be sure to visit the story over at the link here.

Photo: FX

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