Chicago PD season 10 episode 17 promo: Will Burgess tell Voight?

Chicago PD season 10 artAs you get yourselves prepared for Chicago PD season 10 episode 17 on NBC next week, let’s all just hope good things are coming Burgess’ way.

After all, go ahead and consider this: How much more is she going to have to suffer? If there is one character who has gone through it over the last little while, it is absolutely her time and time again. She’s almost died, she’s experienced horrible trauma, and she is having a hard time moving past it — even with treatment.

So where do things get even more complicated? She wants to be on the job — she takes pride in her work and we respect that. However, there are some struggles that are inevitably going to come up through this, mostly in that she may still be struggling to much to get back out there. In the promo for the episode you see Voight imploring Kim to tell him how she is doing, and it cuts away to a clip of her hand trembling.

Is this the sort of thing that is going to cause her to leave the force, or at least step away for some time? We do think that all of this has to be on the table right now, though we want to see her make it through. Her mental well-being and Makayla have to be her priorities more than anything else.

We like to think at this point that the writers are well-aware of what they’ve put Burgess through, and we hope that means happier stuff is on the horizon. We can’t say that it’s a guarantee, but there are still a handful of episodes left. In theory, we like to think that this is plenty of time for some things to change.

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What are you the most excited and/or nervous for when it comes to Chicago PD season 10 episode 17?

Do you think that Burgess will stay with Intelligence, and is that in jeopardy at all in your mind? Share right now in the comments, and keep coming back for more. (Photo: NBC.)

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