‘Dexter’ season 8 spoilers: Michael C. Hall comments on series’ end

DexterEarlier Thursday, it was finally confirmed after much waiting that after eight seasons of putting terrible people on his table, “Dexter” will be saying goodbye. If you listen to what some people say, this was very much a foregone conclusion. It was originally said long ago that this was when the show would end, and the chatter really only started to change recently, with the ratings for season 7 opening up a new dialogue as to whether or not saying goodbye to the series now was really the best thing for Showtime.

At the end of the day, though, it looks like the creative people in the room won out. Speaking in a statement to Entertainment Weekly, series star Michael C. Hall addressed the end of the series with a pretty simple statement:

“I’ve been an advocate for having a dialog with the writers and getting a sense of how to best bring this story home — not wrap everything up with a tidy bow, but find some sort of conclusion … There has to be an end game. Once Deb found out, it felt like we were moving toward a place where the world as Dexter knew it would end.”

Hall also added that he does not see himself jumping back into a television show immediately after this one wraps production in July, but he was quick to note that he previously said the same thing after his time on “Six Feet Under,” and with the quality of work happening on TV these days he does not want to necessarily rule it out.

Do you think that we will see Hall on a show again very soon? If you want to watch the first clip from the new season featuring Jennifer Carpenter’s Deb front and center, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: Showtime

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