‘Big Brother Canada’ live feed spoilers: Who won Head of Household?

Big Brother CanadaWhile we did not get much of an opportunity at all to see the houseguests’ immediate reaction to Gary entering the game on “Big Brother Canada” Thursday night, it was pretty clear in watching the start of the Head of Household Competition that Emmett in particular was rather upset about the idea of Gary re-entering the game. While he and Jillian have done a great job winning competitions, we’re admittedly getting tired of his holier-than-thou attitude as of late.

We do want to point something out before getting to the results of the HoH competition: notice how quick Jillian was to hug Gary the moment she came in the door? She clearly knows just how much trouble that she is in. The fact that Emmett is her only ally taking part in this competition (which involves putting together a puzzle) clearly doesn’t help.

Well, it turned out that none of the twists really mattered, and you can prepare to let out a pretty enormous yawn: Emmett won the HoH competition, as evidenced by the fact that he was sitting in bed with Jillian reading his letter, and he was clearly rather happy. It’s becoming extremely frustrating now from the standpoint of drama and excitement on the show, mostly because it’s boring to just watch Jemmett just win and win to the point where nothing ever changes.

What’s also frustrating is that some people seem to have no desire to really play the game at all. Specifically, Talla and Andrew (who is furious about the twist) are not thinking logically here that what they really should do is try to set things up in a way that Emmett has to put Jillian on the block, and the power couple’s days are over. Instead, Gary’s probably going right back out the door unless he wins the Veto.

What did you think about the results here, and who do you want to see end up on the block? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can read our full review of the recent episode over at the link here.

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