‘Glee’ season 4, episode 19 review: Lea Michele’s Rachel Berry and a big audition

GleeIt seems as though at least twice every season on “Glee,” we have a storyline that revolves largely around some sort of big “moment” or audition for Rachel Berry. For a while, these were just competitions that New Directions competed in every school year, and then at the end of last year, it became all about NYADA, and late last year it was all about the winter showcase.

So what was it this time around? An audition for “Funny Girl,” the show that Rachel has always dreamed of trying out for. Through a little help from her friends, she eventually figured out that the song she wanted to perform is one that she is certainly familiar with already: “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey. The strategy clearly worked, as she has a callback for the show! This doesn’t mean that she has the part, but she is a little bit closer.

As for what happened back at McKinley High, we had a story about the Cheerios that was certainly entertaining, and signals that sooner or later, Becky may actually come clean about bringing the gun to school … which may allow Jane Lynch’s character to get her job back.

There was also a great sort of revelation when it comes to the leadership of New Directions. After partying hard at college with the help of Puck, it was actually this man who convinced Finn to not only focus more, but also ultimately accept Will’s offer to lend a helping hand to New Directions once more.

There are still problems with “Glee” that make the entire experience uneven: there are too many characters to the point, and there is something about Marley, even with some of what she has gone through, that makes her feel a little difficult to relate to (even if she is helping to keep the glee club from singing boring cover tunes. We also don’t know why in the world Joe Hart and Sugar Motta are always absent other than the budget week in and week out.

What did you think about this “Glee” episode, and do you want to see Rachel get the part of her dreams? If you want to read some more scoop about what is coming up ahead on “Glee,” including some big news courtesy of Kurt and Blaine, be sure to check out the story here.

Photo: Fox

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