Mayor of Kingstown season 3 renewal: Why is Paramount+ quiet?

Mayor of Kingstown season 2

We are a couple of days removed from the season 2 finale, so let’s take a moment to look at a potential Mayor of Kingstown season 3.What in the world is going on with the series over at Paramount+?

Just like you would imagine, there are a number of angles that we could use to look at this situation, but let’s start by simply noting the following: At the time of this writing, not much has been 100% set in stone. Is there a chance that we will eventually hear more about the show’s future? Absolutely, but we think that the streaming service is being patient for a number of reasons, with the biggest ones being tied to the health of series star Jeremy Renner. They want to be respectful during his recovery process following that almost-deadly accident over the holidays. We know that he is on the mend, but all discussions about the future of this show will likely be on his schedule.

When it comes to other factors pertaining to the show’s future, there are a wide array that the streaming service can look at. They have access to viewership metrics that we don’t, but we tend to think that season 2 performed well enough to merit more. We also cannot downplay the relationship that they have with executive producer Taylor Sheridan, either — many of their biggest hits fall within his umbrella. Mayor of Kingstown ended this past weekend in a way that certainly sets the stage for more. While we wouldn’t say that there was some enormous cliffhanger, it certainly felt like there could be more story to tell.

For the next month or two, we would not be surprised if things remain fairly quiet behind the scenes. Because there is no specific time that season 3 needs to premiere, there is also ne need to rush a renewal. It can happen when the timing feels right, and when Renner is ready to get back to work — provided he is interested in playing Mike again. With a star of this caliber, most roads are going to run through him, and that would be the case even if there was no medical crisis like the one that transpired a few months back.

Rest assured, we will keep watch on everything to see what happens from here.

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