‘Big Brother Canada’ live feed spoilers: Peter’s fate, PowerShift twist talk, and rankings

PeterBefore we find ourselves at the episode of “Big Brother Canada” airing on Thursday night, we thought it best that we spend a few seconds talking about the ending that seems to be coming up for a certain houseguest named Peter. Basically, he knows that he is leaving the game at this point. Jillian told him the hard truth right before the feeds went down, and although he continued to fight by saying that Emmett could force a tie and she could surprise everyone, she insinuated that she didn’t want to blatantly lie or blindside anyone (even though she has had no problem lying in the past).

Emmett seems to be particularly sad about this, and he may even sadder once he realizes that the PowerShift twist coming up is going to ultimately bring someone back into the game. There is still no word on who will be brought back to the house, but conventional wisdom has to suggest that Gary is the primary candidate. He’s likable, a big player, and he has a following online. It could ultimately be a close vote, though, since we see both AJ and Alec also having some sort of chance.

We’re betting that the Head of Household tonight is the puckball game that the houseguests have been toying with for a few days, and if this is the case, it is particularly bad news for anyone not in the Jemmett showmance. Emmett’s proven himself to be rather good at the game, and it means we could be in for (yawn) much more of the same.

Now, let’s get to a weekly tradition now in ranking the remaining houseguests.

5. Peter (last week: 6) – Pending a miracle here, the Shield is completely and utterly dissolved this week. It’s sad news, especially since we know how badly Peter wanted to win this game.

4. Andrew (2) – The only person who really seems interested in keeping Andrew is Talla, and is she really going to win anything in the game moving forward? Probably not.

3. Talla (1) – Were she not on the block, we’d have her ranked much higher. However, if she survives it’s almost a guarantee that she gets her way into the top three since she is simply not a threat to anyone in the game.

2. Jillian (3) – She can’t be Head of Household, which gives her smaller odds of guaranteed safety this week. However, Emmett almost guarantees her more life in the game moving forward.

1. Emmett (4) – The simple truth here is that he will be evicted if the right people get in power, but he and Jillian just keep winning. We’d love to see something more exciting happening to shake up the game, but there’s not really any indication that we’re going to see this unfold.

Are you going to miss Peter if he does in fact leave “Big Brother Canada”? If you want to read some more news about Emmett fighting for Peter, be sure to check out the story over at the link here.

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