Harrison Ford, Chewbacca have it out on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ (video)

Jimmy KimmelYou know how Harrison Ford is not allowed to really talk about anything related to “Star Wars” for the time being? Well, Jimmy Kimmel and him decided to have a little bit of fun with that on Wednesday night’s edition of the ABC comedy show.

The segment (which you can see below) starts off innocently enough, with Kimmel asking Ford a question about the upcoming movie directed by J.J. Abrams, which Ford responds to by saying that he really cannot talk about anything related to production or some of the rumors out there. Kimmel says he understands, and the proceeds to try and take questions from the audience.

You can probably see this coming. Most of the “audience members” are people wearing various costumes from the franchise, including the obligatory dude dressed as Princess Leia. Then, things start to get really hairy (literally) when Chewbacca shows up, and the two parties get into what is ultimately a pretty nasty argument.

Probably the best thing about this is Ford’s complete and total commitment to the bit. He doesn’t mind how silly the entire idea of this conversation is, and he just has fun going back and for with the Wookie about anything and everything. He also accuses the character at one point of sleeping with his wife (or at least trying to), and ends up storming off the stage.

The reality is that Ford is rumored to appear in the next “Star Wars” movie in some shape or form, even though it is not particularly clear at the moment just what this form will be.

Does this video make you love Harrison Ford even more? If you want to check out some of the video highlights of Kimmel talking about the “Tonight Show” saga over at NBC, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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