‘Big Brother Canada’ live feed spoilers: Emmett fights for Peter

EmmettIt’s not often that we have really seen Emmett and Jillian at odds in this “Big Brother Canada” season, but that is what has slowly unraveled over the course of the past 24 hours. While it’s still possible the two will make it to the end together, there is all sorts of posturing going on to ensure that the houseguests they each want to stick around will.

The real debate comes with this: Emmett wants to keep Peter in the game, whereas Jillian does not. Why? Emmett believes Peter when he says that he will go after Andrew if he wins Head of Household next week, which means that they have a much higher guaranteed shot of making it together to the end of the season. Why? His perception is that if Andrew wins, he is close with Talla, and that is trouble for Emmett.

However, Jillian really doesn’t have any interest in entertaining this thought at all. Why? As you saw on the show last night, Andrew made a final two deal with Jillian, so she knows that even if he wins next week, he will get rid of Talla seemingly before he will get rid of her. Having Talla around is just another weak player she doesn’t have to fight against, whereas Peter is actually capable of winning when he absolutely has to do so.

Emmett does not know about Jillian’s deal with Andrew, so of course he’s going to continue to fight for what he wants for his game. We expect, though, that Jillian will tell him a little later on that Peter is going home, and the vote tonight will be unanimous.

Meanwhile, we should also point out that the remaining players are all speculating that there could be some sort of twist still coming up, which means that they should be somewhat prepared for a houseguest to return to the game.

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