Ted Lasso season 3: Does the ending feel inevitable?

Ted Lasso season 3Now that we’ve seen the Ted Lasso season 3 premiere on Apple TV+, does the ending to this story feel all the more obvious?

We should go ahead and note here that even before the start of this season, it felt like there was a general consensus on the finale: That Ted was going to return home to be closer to his son. He left in part to find himself and have distance from his now-ex, but he’s been gone now for years and that does create a strain. He’s struggling with it, and the end of the premiere revealed that Michelle Lasso has someone new in her life named Jake, and that this person is a new father figure for Henry seemingly, as well.

Now, let’s make this clear: We don’t think that Ted would return home out of jealousy. Instead, he just feels the need to be a father, and he lived the latter portion of his childhood without one. This matters to him, and you can argue that it matters far more than any success in soccer. The question to us is about timing, or if there is some other sort of twist coming that we do not expect. It feels like Ted and Michelle getting back together would be almost too saccharine for what can be a fairly sweet show as it is, and having her and Jake move to UK for some other reason feels fairly convenient.

Here is your customary reminder that Ted Lasso was designed as a three-season arc from the start and we do think that there needs to be closure for this character. As great as AFC Richmond may be, for Ted that closure has always been on the inside. He needs to find it, and being thousands of miles away from his son won’t be satisfactory.

Through much of the remaining episodes, be prepared to see the title character reconciling his feelings for the team and his feelings for his family. We don’t know how much longer he can remain in these two worlds.

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Do you think that the ending to Ted Lasso season 3 is going to be inevitable on a certain level?

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