1923 season 2 premiere date: On Paramount+ and cliffhangers

1923 season 1The biggest thing to be sad about entering a 1923 season 2 at Paramount+ is how long we will be waiting for it. Just think about that for a moment here. Filming, at least per some estimates, is not going to start into the summer. That means that the show itself will likely not back until the fall or winter, at the earliest.

Obviously, it is easy to want the show back sooner, especially given the fairly short episode count and also the huge cliffhangers that we have. The Dutton Ranch is in peril and while we can’t guarantee the future for Jacob or Cara, it’s clear the establishment perseveres. There is some sort of path forward. However, there’s no guarantee of that at all for Spencer and Alexandra. This is one of the reasons why their story remains so fascinating. Are they the grandparents to John Dutton, the lead of Yellowstone? We tend to think so, but there is no confirmation — and that’s precisely what the cliffhanger intended.

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The whole purpose of the ending that we got at the end of 1923 season 1 was to make us all the more eager to get answers in the relatively near future, and it goes without saying that we want them. Whether or not we get that, however, is tied to everything mentioned above. A huge cliffhanger does not make Paramount+ rush to give you episodes sooner; instead, it just creates an incentive for people to stick around. It will likely increase interest in season 2 filming when the show does get back to work, and we hope that this will encourage Paramount+ to share a few different teases along the way.

Granted, we do wonder just how much they will be able to show without giving a substantial amount of the story away. Our advice? Just prepare for a lot of adventure and some action sequences. Also, for a show that remains truly cinematic. There is such a uniquely epic feel to the 1923 story, and it helps to really immerse you in that time period. It’s good to have the present-day Dutton Ranch somewhere in mind while you watch, but thankfully, it does not overwhelm anything else.

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