1923 season 2 premiere date talk: Will it be split up again?

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Is there a lot to look forward to right now when it comes to 1923 season 2 over at Paramount+? We think that is probably clear just from watching the end of the season 1 finale alone. We know how much danger Cara and Jacob are facing back at the ranch, and it is equally clear right now how heartbroken Spencer and Alexandra must be feeling. They had a goal in mind to make it out to Montana together and now, they have been ripped apart.

So how fast is the streaming service going to get some more episodes out there? If they had it their way, they would make it so that these installments were ready to go in months — anything to keep the subscriber count high, right? Well, the reality is that this cannot be the case, as filming may not start up until the summer.

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What we do want to anticipate in advance this time around, though, is the idea of the show being split up into two distinct halves. We know that this was something that caught a lot of people, us included, by surprise when it happened in season 1 … even if we understand the reasoning behind it. After all, it allowed Paramount+ to premiere the show a little bit earlier, and halfway through, they took the break to allow the editors to get the remainder of the season together.

Let’s just say that we would not be surprised if something similar happens again here. We do think that it is important for the streaming service to bring 1923 back around December, and it feels likely that this is going to happen at this point. This allows it to be on before the holidays, and potentially around the time that Yellowstone is back — provided, of course, that this when that show is back. There is undoubtedly a lot of uncertainty there, if that was not clear at this point. Viewers may not like the break midway through (and we didn’t either), but it may become the norm for a show like this depending on the schedule.

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Do you think there is a chance that 1923 season 2 could be split up again?

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