Survivor 44 episode 4 spoilers: More on potential shakeup

Survivor 44We don’t know if you needed any further reason to be intrigued about Survivor 44 episode 4, but here it is. There is a chance for another twist to come into the game … but what could it be?

On the surface, we hope that it is not another series of advantages, given that we still have the Inheritance and Bank Your Vote ones active, and that is in addition to the immunity idols that Carolyn, Matthew, and Danny each have. Also, remember that Jaime and Matt each think that they have idols, making things all the messier.

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Of course, the Survivor 44 episode 4 synopsis below does make us think that more advantages could be coming, much to our personal chagrin…

“I’m Felicia” – One person from each tribe is chosen to go on a journey and receive surprising news that will shake up the game. Also, tribes must slingshot themselves toward victory in the reward challenge to earn an essential camp item, on SURVIVOR, Wednesday, March 22, (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*.

So what could be happening with these players out on a journey that is not an idol? We do wonder if we are being set up to see some sort of pseudo tribe-swap where these three players end up landing on different tribes, but you can argue that this would be grossly unfair. They’d be entering a new situation without any numbers, and unless they have some sort of immunity, they could be easy targets. Yet, you can also say that this is a good way to test their mettle and that some solid players could find their way out of this.

In the end, we just hope that the next twist in the game is something that will surprise the players — we don’t like it when everyone can immediately think five steps ahead in regards to twists. If you’re going to have them, think outside the box!

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What sort of twist do you think is coming moving into Survivor 44 episode 4?

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