The Blacklist season 10 episode 4 video: Reddington needs help

The Blacklist season 10 artAs you prepare yourselves to see The Blacklist season 10 episode 4 on NBC this weekend, why not take a larger look?

If you head over to Collider right now, you can get an advanced look at the upcoming 200th episode that has a lot of interesting stuff crammed into it. To be specific, Raymond Reddington is going to have a discussion with Robert Vesco around a potential job — and if Reddington is buttering up his old friend and former mentor.

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One of the things that we think is personally rather interesting about this clip is seeing Raymond say to Vesco that he does not have a lot of friends left, and that may be why he needs him further. Consider that Mr. Kaplan and Liz are both dead, Dembe is with the FBI, and Mierce and Weecha are at this point MIA. Even Chuck, his one-time bodyguard, has not been around much as of late. Vesco and James Spader’s character has a checkered past, but can they put their differences aside for a job?

Reddington and Robert could be working together in this big episode to resolve a heist and get a good bit of money in the process, but the thing to remember with The Blacklist is that there’s almost always an ulterior motive hiding underneath it all. We don’t think that Raymond, one of the most notorious criminals in history, is suddenly so hard-up on cash that he requires some sort of assistance needing more. There is likely something else that he needs out of “The Hyena” (the title for this episode); the question is what that is!

We anticipate that this 200th episode is going to be action-packed, dramatic, and of course a really fun time from start to finish. We just hope that at some point along the way, there is also some nostalgia and a chance to see some familiar faces here and there.

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Is there anything that you are especially excited to see moving into The Blacklist season 10 episode 4?

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