Outlander season 7 premiere date: Take comfort in this

Outlander season 7We understand if you are feeling pretty impatient at this point to see Outlander season 7 over at Starz. How can you not, all things considered?

Let’s go ahead and map out for a moment the biggest reason to be frustrated: The oh-so-simple fact that we are still months away from the premiere airing. Sure, it was nice that the network gave us a starting window for the Sam Heughan – Caitriona Balfe series at the end of last year … but we are at least three months away still, if not longer.

For the sake of this article, though, we want to focus on silver linings. Or, at the very least, trying to remind everyone out there that this situation could have been way more frustrating than it is right now. Why is that? Well, go ahead and look at some of the other shows right now at Starz.

We’ve talked about this here and there in some other articles, but it bears repeating in this particular context. As of right now, Heels, Power Book IV: Force, and Hightown have all been done filming their latest batch of episodes for a considerably long period of time. Yet, there is not any news out there about any of them. What in the world gives with that? One or two of them could even premiere prior to Outlander and there still isn’t much said. At least for season 7, we at least have a reasonably idea of when it coming back.

Also, here is another silver lining: You know the network is going to do their part to promote it. Given that Starz has already greenlit both a season 8 and also a prequel, they have a lot invested in the net few years of the franchise. We are going to get more of a formal premiere date announcement most likely in April or May — we tend to think it will actually start in July. (We’re happy to be wrong if it’s earlier!) With some of these other shows listed, these luxuries just aren’t there.

So in the end, absolutely be bummed out about the wait — but also recognize that it could be a whole lot worse.

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