Outlander season 7 premiere date: Will there be big midway break?

Outlander season 7We know that there is a lot of enthusiasm out there for and Outlander season 7 premiere date and understandably so — but for the sake of this article, we want to look beyond just that.

To be specific, why not go ahead and discuss what the schedule could look like for the season as a whole? After all, we do think that the folks at Starz have set themselves up for more options than they’ve had for the show in quite some time, starting with the fact that they have sixteen episodes to work with from start to finish. This is the largest order they’ve had since season 1 and if you recall, in that season we did see things split up in a pretty particular manner. Is it fair to expect something similar this time around? It certainly feels that way.

After all, it would be highly unusual for Starz to air the entirety of Outlander season 7 at once without interruption — heck, they rarely air ten episodes of any show without at least a week off somewhere in there. It feels rather silly to think that they would do something totally different here. The safest prediction to make is that they will split this season up into two separate batches of eight, and that there will be some sort of hiatus right in the middle. The question is how long this hiatus would be.

If we had to create a guess here, there will most likely be at least a few months separating the first and second parts of the season if they move forward in the way in which we currently anticipate. We like to think we will have clearly defined summer and winter halves of the season, given that this would be a good way to generate hype and reduce time between this season and the eighth and final one, which may not start filming for quite some time.

Also, we can’t just ignore the financial benefits of doing things this way for Starz, since they would get people subscribing for two separate periods and depending on when people join / cancel their subscriptions, that may mean a little bit more ad revenue.

Hopefully, when a full season 7 premiere date is announced (which could be over the next month or two), at least a part of the picture will be made clearer. The earlier we get answers, the better we tend to think it will be for us as we look ahead.

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What do you think the schedule is going to look like for an Outlander season 7?

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