‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 6 spoilers: Let’s talk Dungeons & Dragons

Big Bang TheoryIf you have a show about geeks who love video games, comic books, and science fiction, it would almost be a complete disservice to suddenly not want to include something about “Dungeons & Dragons” in there. With that in mind, it only seems appropriate to be serving some of this up in one of the last episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” this season.

However, what makes this game in particular a little bit different is that there is also going to be a welcome dose of celebrity included … even if it does come in the form of some impressions from Howard Wolowitz. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly on the subject, allow executive producer Steven Molaro to elaborate:

“This time Wolowitz is Dungeon Master … His little spin as Dungeon Master is when he’s bringing these creatures and characters to life in the game, they may sound shockingly like some beloved celebrities in Hollywood. It’s possible right in the beginning there’s a huge oak tree with a face on it that looks suspiciously like Nicolas Cage, and the tree sounds a lot like Nicolas Cage. It is wildly funny. Simon is just off-the-charts hilarious doing these voices as the Dungeon Master in this episode.”

In addition to this hilarity, Molaro promises that there will be a watershed moment for one of the characters during the episode that changes the way in which we perceive them forever; plus, Raj will be away from the “D&D” game, mostly because he will be spending a little bit more time trying to push his relationship with Lucy forward (Kate Micucci), someone that he actually has to help out for a change.

If you want to also read the official CBS synopsis for this episode, be sure to check out the story over here.

Photo: CBS

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