Ted Lasso season 3: Nick Mohammed on big Nate question

Ted Lasso season 3

Can you believe that we are just days removed from Ted Lasso season 3 premiering on Apple TV+ at some point down the road? It is certainly something to be excited about … even if it is a sort of bittersweet excitement knowing that this could be the end of the show.

Another thing to be worried about is the rather simple question of what could be coming up for Nate Shelley, who has become the de-facto villain of the story. This is someone who has left AFC Richmond for West Ham, and seemed to be nasty to every single person who cared about him.

Is there still a chance that Nate could be redeemed? That remains to be seen, but we know that a lot of his actions come from a place of being hurt — take Ted, for example. He acted the way that he did towards him last season because he felt abandoned by him. Speaking to the Athletic in a new interview leading up to the premiere, Nick Mohammed explained some of his character’s actions, and whether or not Nate is a true villain, with the following:

A lot of his behaviour is villainous. But he is undoubtedly a victim. At the end of Season 2, (when he comes up) against Ted, and there’s that outpouring of just hate and everything — when he says all that stuff to Ted — I think it’s very easy to sort of see Ted as the victim in that, because of the stuff that Nate is saying to him. And he really hammers home when he says the stuff about, “You should be back at home with your son.” But actually, I think — or I have to sort of feel this because I’m the person playing Nate — that Nate was the most vulnerable person in that situation. For Nate to say that, to betray the person who put him where he was, says a lot about Nate’s insecurities. And I think Nate was really, really vulnerable in that moment. Some of the most villainous things Nate does — and in Season 3, as well — are really just layers of insecurity.

Of course, Nate needs to acknowledge a lot of this in order to heel, and that is where a lot of the big questions really come into play. Is he actually capable of this sort of self-awareness? We can’t say we are altogether sure…

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What do you think the story is going to be for Nate moving into Ted Lasso season 3 at Apple TV+?

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