The Last of Us season 1 finale: Joel, Ellie, and the hospital scene

The Last of Us season 1As we prepared ourselves for The Last of Us and its season 1 finale on HBO, there was a huge Joel moment we were prepared for. Or, at least that was how we felt in theory. There was no guarantee, of course, that we’d be able to emotionally process what we were actually seeing on-screen.

For those of you who were familiar with the video game, then you had a certain expectation of this ending, one in which Joel kills multiple people at the hospital after learning that Ellie would only offer a cure for humanity if she was to die herself — something that was not clued in on in advance. This was a reminder of the brutality of this world and also the determination of the Fireflies.

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The moment that Marlene explained the surgery to Joel, the more clear it became that the show was going to following the events of the source material. Pedro Pascal’s character could not stand to lose Ellie and we understand why. She has become family to him, and he would do whatever he can to save her — even if that means stopping a cure from being readily available.

Within a matter of minutes, Joel got a hold of a gun and from there, he methodically worked his way through the hospital, taking lives of anyone who got in his way. He then killed Marlene and got Ellie out of there — they are alive, but he lied to her about what happened. Even when she asked him to swear that what he said was the truth, he did.

This is a lie that could change their future — but it will it ever be revealed as such? This is a story of moral complexity, and we tend to think that there’s a lot that will be discussed here for quite some time.

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