The White Lotus season 3 premiere date: Why no new HBO tease?

The White Lotus season 2Were you hoping to see some sort of news on The White Lotus season 3 last night alongside The Last of Us? In one way, we understand since it is so easy to be eager for news about SO many different shows all across the board.

Unfortunately, the folks at HBO decided not to air any sort of scoop for what likes ahead for the anthology series and honestly, we don’t think they ever planned to do so. While we know that the season 3 is coming, we could still be facing a rather long wait.

The main reason why there probably won’t be an official tease for The White Lotus season 3 over the next several months is actually rather simple: We may be too far away at the moment! We’re sure that the network will at least announce the setting and/or the cast when they are able to do so, but we are months away from that more than likely. It will be months even beyond that before they start to even consider airing footage either on the network itself or HBO Max.

For now, we tend to think that the best-case scenario is that we see a new season air at the start of 2024, which is when there could be a hole in the schedule for it. After all, we’re not sure that a new season of Euphoria will be ready until next spring, whereas House of the Dragon could return in the summer. It all comes down to if the show can be filmed and turned around in that span of time. At least The White Lotus has going for it that it films fairly-short seasons and beyond just that, doesn’t require a ton of special effects and/or dragons.

No matter when we get new episodes, we just hope that it lives up to the hype! Also, we really hope that Tanya gets some sort of justice after her death.

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When do you think we are going to get some substantial tease all about The White Lotus season 3?

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