‘Dexter’ season 8 spoilers: A fun shot of new Harrison

DexterSeason 8 may very well end up being the final season of “Dexter,” and more than anything at the moment, we know it will still be a season of change. After all, young Harrison Morgan is growing up, which means that we have yet another new actor playing him. Young Jadon Well is now in the role previous occupied by a set of twins, and based on everything that we’re seeing and hearing about thus far, this new incarnation of the character is going to be rather energetic.

Want some photographic evidence? Just look at the photo attached here, which features the youngster arm-wrestling with none other than David Zayas’ Batista. The image was shared by series star Aimee Garcia on Twitter, which makes a little bit of sense given that she does play the babysitter Jamie on the show.

In all of the hype and buildup to season 8, the role of Harrison at the moment may be one of the issues that is being wrongfully ignored. Dexter has been able to keep his secret from the child for a long time thanks mostly to a lack of awareness and understanding, but we’re getting to a point now where he will be vocalizing and speaking out on a pretty regular basis. When it comes to Dexter, this really could only mean one thing: trouble of the worst kind. Children pick up on everything like a sponge, and if you say the wrong thing around them, it immediately starts to pour out of their mouths to everyone they come into contact with.

What do you think is going to become of the Harrison storyline this season? If you want to read some more speculation concerning some “Dexter” episode titles, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: Twitter / Aimee Garcia

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