YOU season 4 finale: Show EP on big Joe twist, season 5

YOU season 4At the moment, there is still no 100% confirmation that a YOU season 5 is going to happen over at Netflix. With that being said, though, we do already have a good sense of what it could look like based on the season 4 finale.

For the first time arguably since the very beginning of the show, we are seeing a side of one Joe Goldberg who doesn’t deny who he is. This is someone who is looking at himself, eyes wide open, and admitting that he will kill when he has to. He doesn’t have to justify it anymore. That’s a pretty dark twist for the show, and he is now with someone in Kate who seems the full him and understands it — mostly because she believes the good that they can do together outweighs the bad they have done in the past.

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So how does this realization shape season 5? Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in a new interview here is some of what showrunner Sera Gamble had to say on the subject:

He’s gotten to come home again, and that is significant. Something that we felt like we didn’t need to keep going forever with was the idea that every single time, pretty much, that he killed somebody, he not only has justified it in his head, he’s justified that it was probably an accident a lot of the time. “Oops, I hit her head too hard.” “Oops, he fell down the stairs.” “Oops, I pushed him off the balcony because I was in a rage for a moment.” Without sacrificing the beating heart of Joe, which is his romantic sensibility and his belief in love, we are very interested in what happens if he doesn’t constantly f— up because he’s lying to himself about what he’s about to do. Like, how much better might he get at what he does, if he accepts the way that we heard Rhys accept it?

The big issue we foresee with the twist is that Joe’s idea of change is often fluid, and what he tells himself now may not equal what he tells himself midway through season 5. Also, someone could eventually come for him that he never expects — take Marienne, who is still alive without his knowledge.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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